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Heading home - day 34

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It was our last day in the USA, we are heading home today. We don’t leave New York City until 6pm tonight, so we still had a few hours to explore the city this morning. We had to check out of our hotel room first, but we left our big bags there, so we didn’t have to carry them through the city. We decided we would head out to the airport at 1pm, as it would take about 2 hours to get there, and we wanted to be there pretty early. This left us about 3 hours left in the city. The one thing we had not done yet, that we really wanted to do, was check out Central Park. It was again only about a half an hour walk from our accommodation to central park. The walk took us down 5th avenue, which is the main shopping street in the city. Of course, the shopping did not interest me at all, however the buildings were amazing. We walked past the Trump tower.
There are still a lot of people in the US that aren’t happy with his election win, especially in the cities. There have been many protests, and a lot of people threatening action against him. To protect him, police have blocked the walkway out side his building, and have a HUGE presence around it. It is quite unbelievable how divided the country is with the decision. On one street corner there will be a huge protest, and then just around the corner, there will be a car covered in pro trump slogans! It was not a real nice day in the city today. It was quite cold, and the rain got heavier throughout the day. We eventually made it to Central Park.
It was hard to photograph as the sky of was so grey, and the trees were dull due to the season. We didn’t spend all that long walking around, but it is pretty cool that such a built up city, has this huge recreation area that everyone can enjoy. We then found a café that we could get some coffee that looked kind of nice, and sit out the rain for a little bit. On our way back to our hotel, we stopped past the New York Public Library, and had a look in the building. It is quite amazing, and way too fancy for a library! ☺ We got back to our hotel, and we were very wet. We wanted to get some New York hot dogs for lunch, however we couldn’t find any close to where we were staying, so we just got some pizza again! We were taking public transport to JFK airport today, as a taxi was extremely expensive! This meant we first had to walk about 7 minutes to the subway station and carry our stupidly big bags down the stairs. We then caught a train for 2 stops, and then transferred to another train for 7 stops. We then had to walk about 5 minutes to the JFK air train. This took us directly to T7, where Qantas departed from. It would be a very easy and affordable way of getting to the airport with just normal bags, however our large ski bags made it a little uncomfortable. Saying that, I would much prefer to do this, than pay $60 for a taxi to the airport!! Check in was painless in JFK. They checked us all the way through to Hobart, even though there were 2 separate bookings. I don’t think the check-in lady had worked for Qantas for very long, because she didn’t know how to change our seats, and she didn’t know where Hobart was! ☺ As we were there early, security was a breeze. It was easier to get through security here, than any of our US domestic flights! Our route back home today was all on Qantas, which was nice! We would be travelling from New York City, to Sydney on QF12, with a brief stop in Los Angeles. We would then Travel from Sydney to Hobart, via Melbourne, arriving in Hobart at 4:35pm on Thursday. Our flight from New York to LA was delayed about an hour, however, with favourable winds, we only landed about half an hour late, meaning everyone made their connections. Thomas and I had a pair of seats to ourselves at the back of the plane. It was a Boeing 747 to LA. It was a really comfy plane, with heaps of room.
The meals were also amazing. There were 3 options for dinner, and they all sounded so good.
I ended up getting the salad, which was really good! The flight took just over 4 hours, and I managed to get almost 2 hours of solid sleep, waking up pretty much as we landed. Once we got to LA, we had about 20 minutes before our flight down to Sydney started boarding. We were travelling on the A380 again down to Sydney, and I was really keen to sit upstairs again, if possible. Unfortunately, there were only 4 seats free on the whole plane, meaning we couldn’t really get any better seats. Our seats weren’t too bad. We had a middle and window seat at the back of one of the cabins, meaning we could recline our seats without obstructing anyone else. The food again on this flight was surprisingly delicious.
There were plenty of snacks throughout the flight as well, meaning we never got hungry. I managed to get 5-6 hours sleep on this leg, and watch a few movies. The flight didn’t feel all that long, and I arrived in Sydney feeling pretty fresh and awake. I was definitely expecting to feel much worse. We cleared immigrations and customs, which took about 1.5 hours, before dropping our bags off and heading to the domestic terminal.
We had a 3 hour wait here, before boarding our flight down to Melbourne. We were travelling on an Airbus A330, and had exit row seats, so loads of room!
It was a nice flight, with a nice crew, snack and drink. We then had a short 1 hour stop in Melbourne before boarding our flight down to Hobart.
Our flight was on a Qantaslink Boeing 717. We were joined by some special guests from the Perth Scorches Big Bash team.
The flight was really nice again. We landed in Hobart on time, with our parent waiting to greet us. It was nice to see them all again, and especially nice to see my puppy dog!! :)

Thank you all so much for reading my blog and following my trip! It was such a fun holiday, and definitely something I will remember forever. I'm glad you could all come along for the journey with me!! :)

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Thank you Jordan, that was so good, Opa and I read all of it and we travelled with you that way. It's good to have you home again and hope to see you soon !

by Opa and Oma Vantsant

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